Phil Wasserman Talks Guaranteed Funds

Phil WassermanMany states offer guarantee funds, which helps them to pay out their claims.

Rarely advertised, these funds are similar to FDIC protection annuities, life insurance, long-term care insurance, and health insurance. These state funds offer you a high level of trust in the product, and will help to protect you and your wealth.

These annuities are some of the safest financial instruments available today.

Should You Invest in Annuities?

Phil Wasserman AnnuitiesWhen you’re looking for steady income that’s guaranteed for life, or need to protect your principal and protect your money from inflation, annuities are for you.

You can choose from various options which will match your risk tolerance, options which will protect your assets in case of death, allowing your heirs to benefit, or options for viable tax deductions that will benefit your overall tax structure. If you’re looking for the above, then an annuity should be in your future.

By: Phil Wasserman