About Phil Wasserman

Phil Wasserman Annuities helps retireesphil-wasserman-planning navigate the confusing world of annuities and retirement investments.

Phil Wasserman, the leading annuities expert can answer any questions you may have so call today.

Phil Wasserman is the leading expert on annuities and tax free wealth transfer strategies, in addition to being a sought after speaker on the subjects. He is the author of the book Outlasting The Storm, A Guide to Annuities and Safe Retirement Planning and the publisher of the book Two Sides to the Coin-a History of Gold.

Phil Wasserman is a former newspaper columnist on finances and considered a marketing expert. He is the founder of Wildman Marketing a specialty agency that helps advisors and other professionals expand their practices.

He also holds an extensive and illustrious law career beginning with a law degree from Stetson University’s class of 1983. During that time, he interned at the Philadelphia State Attorney’s homicide division. As an attorney in Florida, he led the fight against the SEC and rule 151a over annuity changes and other injustices he witnessed as people moved through the overcrowded court docket. His work received scrutiny from some peers, but eventually proved to be correct in his convictions.

Today, he is a financial and retirement planning consultant that has helped thousands of retirees plan for their future. Phil Wasserman knows how to achieve financial security for retirees and continues to be a leader in the industry.

Phil’s passion and determination to help retirees choose the right retirement plan and annuities has paved a strong foundation for his successes in finance. Phil Wasserman has been the President of American Tax & Annuity Advisors for over six years, and former President of Phillip Roy Financial Services for more than twenty-five years. His extensive experience and commitment to work has enabled him to build exceptional client relationships doing we he loves best.