Have You Considered Income Maximization Through a SPIA?

Income Maximization

Sometimes a retiree’s nest egg turns out being less than what they planned on being.

Be it unexpected costs, projection errors or even a longer life expectancy, countless factors can upend your hard-earned retirement. Other factors out of your hands like declining CD and bond rates might derail your otherwise perfect retirement approach. And you can’t forget stock market volatility. With countless variables out there, it’s best to pad your income even if you have the slightest concerns about your future.

Are you dependent on earned interest income from fixed income investments? What about the stock market? If you do, you are at risk of losing your savings. Even if you’re eating through your retirement at the recommended 4% per year, outside elements have the potential to deplete your future faster than accounted for.

The bottom line is, don’t wait until the well is dry to search for more water. If you even think your financial levels are declining at a faster rate than expected, it may be time to revise your plan.

Now might be the time to consider maximizing with a single premium immediate annuity.

Income Maximization

Income maximization is just what it sounds like. It’s strategic planning to extend and optimize your earnings over your remaining years. In doing so, you reduce any potential impact that the aforementioned factors can have on your nest egg.

If you are over 60 years of age and are concerned about having enough income to sustain your retirement or plan on leaving an inheritance to your heirs, income maximization is an option worth considering.  

Thinking about retiring with the optimal funds is always a wise, proactive idea. Remember to always take a thoughtful approach to your retirement. With well-planned action steps in place and successful implementation, you should be positioned to enjoy your retirement in the way you envisioned.

The Advantages

Sure, maximized income sounds like a plan we all can get behind. More money? Sign me up! But there are more specific advantages to embarking on this endeavor. The first benefit is certainly a larger, more secure nest egg for you and your loved ones.

But additional benefits abounds when you factor in the additional level of security and comfort knowing that you’ve eliminated the risk from markets and other fluctuating investments. This new approach places you in a position to have a secured, guaranteed income from your annuity while maximizing net after-tax income.

In addition to reducing retirement risk, single premium immediate annuities usually provides you with more income. Other potential gains from your new strategy include increasing the rate of return on your investment and granting you tax advantages you previously didn’t qualify for. If you made this decision for your heirs, you have even more benefits potentially on the horizon. Your legacy is now secured and extended to heirs while maintaining the previous value of assets for their eventual inheritance.

As I mention whenever giving advice, do you own research as well. Consult with your tax and retirement professionals to ensure that this is the right course of action. Retirement is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Make the right, smart decisions for you and your loved ones.

To learn more about maximizing your income through single premium immediate annuities, and other ways to reach your pot of retirement gold, pick up a copy of my book Outlasting the Storm: A Survival Guide to Retirement Income Planning.

Tax-free Wealth Transfer- Saving you and your family a lot in taxes!

No matter how much money or possessions you amass in life, they will be of no use when you die. Unfortunately, taxes in this country are so rampant and repugnant, wealth planning at the hands of inexperienced or ill informed advisers can make your money a tax magnet for every government leach on the dole for your hard earned money.

This is why you need Tax-Free Wealth Transfer to help put the power of your money back in your hand and keep it away from those who didn’t work for it.

The Secret is Out In The Openphillipwassermaninsurancelogo.png

Consider a situation where you worked for years at the same job, and struggled every day to take care of your family and set some money aside for a rainy day.

While you have been paying tax on every dime of interest you earned, rich people have been getting off scot-free because they know how to invest their money in specialized life insurance plans. This one tiny secret and loophole in the tax code is so highly guarded, it is often referred to as the “770 Club”.

Normally, you don’t get access to this “club” or find out about it unless you have the very best wealth planner and enough money to associate with elites that know the secret.

Today, more people are finding out about Tax-Free Wealth Transfer. If you have annuities, IRAs, regular life insurance, stocks, bonds, and other investments, they can all be transferred into a tax free haven in a matter of moments.

We will give you all the information you need, as well as provide you with a list of the best and most stable insurance companies. Don’t wait another minute to protect your assets from estate taxes and secure them for future generations in the bargain.

– Phil Wasserman

The Top Ten Retirement Planning Tips

  1. Have money in your savings.
  2. Save on fees.
  3. Save on taxes.
  4. Be realistic about life expectancy.
  5. Use annuities for guaranteed income.
  6. Don’t listen to what neighbors, friends or relatives say about money.
  7. You don’t need 2-3 homes. Ever hear of a hotel?
  8. Question your doctor and get a second opinion.
  9. Enjoy your money. After all, you cant take it with you.
  10. Don’t believe everything you read. Everyone has an agenda. 

Accelerated Benefits for Annuities

Today it is common for annuities to allow for accelerated benefits to pay for the following:

  • Home Health Care Rider
    •  If you require Home Health Care Services by a licensed Home Health Care provider as a result of being impaired in performing two out of six activities of daily living.
  • Nursing Home Benefit Rider
    •  If you are confined to a licensed nursing home for more than 60 days, and your confinement begins at least one year after the annuity’s effective date.
  • Terminal Illness Benefit Rider
    •  If a licensed physician certifies that you have been diagnosed with an illness or condition that causes your life expectancy to be less than one year.

These powerful benefits are usually included at no cost, although not all annuities have them.


Reasons for Purchasing Life Insurance

As far as we’re concerned, an investment into a life insurance policy is often a more prudent choice than an investment into its somewhat close cousin, an annuity.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • They both offer tax-deferred growth.
  • The cash value in a life insurance policy is almost always far more “liquid”
    (accessible) than annuities that often have limited penalty-free access to the
    cash value during the term of the contract.
  • Earnings in a life insurance policy could potentially be withdrawn tax-free
    whereas earnings in an annuity are taxable as ordinary income, the highest
    of all possible taxes.
  • The potential for earnings within a life insurance policy is typically
    comparable to earnings potential within an annuity (if not better).
  • When a life insurance policy is passed to your heirs, not only is the amount
    passed tax-free, but the amount is almost always far greater than the cash
    value due to the death benefit.

Phil Wasserman – “Reasons for Purchasing Life Insurance.”

Retirement is a Gift of Time

“Aging is humanity’s greatest, most important, and most enduring discovery. The discovery and exploitation of human longevity is what has led to the globe-dominating species we have become.”
– Dr. William Thomas, M.D.

  • We have the most awesome resource in our retirees to help solve society’s most difficult problems.
  • Retirees can give of their time, skills, wisdom, and shared experiences.
  • This legacy will make for better individuals and communities.
  • To do this, retirees must have a safe, sustainable retirement income.

-Phil Wasserman

What is an Index Annuity?

A type of fixed annuity that offers the potential to capture some of the gains in the stock market without the risk of loss.

Returns are determined by the performance of an index such as the S&P 500

  • also known as Equity Index Annuities (EIA)

  • other indices can be selected: DJIA, NASDAQ, Russell 2000, Nikkei 225, Hang Seng, EURO STOXX 50

Investors’ returns are usually calculated as a percentage of the index performance.

An Index Annuity was designed to be a fixed annuity, one in which the principal was safe, with an interest rate determined by tracking a stock market index. originally, the idea was to receive some of the market gain without risk to the principal. Companies often compared it to going to a casino wit $10,000 and getting to keep the $10,000 no matter how you played. Even if you lost, you would get to keep your money. If you won, you would keep a small chunk of your winnings and give up some of the gain.

By: Phil Wasserman

Phil Wasserman Talks Guaranteed Funds

Phil WassermanMany states offer guarantee funds, which helps them to pay out their claims.

Rarely advertised, these funds are similar to FDIC protection annuities, life insurance, long-term care insurance, and health insurance. These state funds offer you a high level of trust in the product, and will help to protect you and your wealth.

These annuities are some of the safest financial instruments available today.

Should You Invest in Annuities?

Phil Wasserman AnnuitiesWhen you’re looking for steady income that’s guaranteed for life, or need to protect your principal and protect your money from inflation, annuities are for you.

You can choose from various options which will match your risk tolerance, options which will protect your assets in case of death, allowing your heirs to benefit, or options for viable tax deductions that will benefit your overall tax structure. If you’re looking for the above, then an annuity should be in your future.

By: Phil Wasserman

Phil Wasserman – Benefits of Annuities

nestegg2An annuity allows you to grow your investment in a tax-deferred environment. It allows you to invest any amount you want, will help you to avoid probate, and more importantly, cannot be touched by any creditors.

Annuities can be the perfect investment vehicles for IRA’s, and other plans that meet specific qualifications.

It’s important to note that fixed and immediate annuities have NO FEES, and many indexed ones also have no fees. If you die, your heirs receive funds from fixed, variable and indexed annuities.